Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Remove Asus Admin Password on Windows 7

On my Asus Eee Windows 7 laptop, how can I delete an administrator account from an ordinary account without a password?
My dad had an administrator account and he is refusing to give me the password to let me download anything. Is there a hacker which can make me administrator without the actually administrators consent and password?

Actually, I was looking for solutions to my require for days. I got answer of No. I can only change any kind of account details if I am already logged in as an administrator. Otherwise there would be no point. And if I delete the only admin account I will never be able to install anything.

Well, after reading many suggestions on how to remove Asus Windows 7 admin password, I decided to opt for professional program to help me – Windows Password Recovery Tool! Just follow the below steps to remove administrator password:
Step 1, Download the program via source of http://download.cnet.com/Windows-Password-Recovery-Tool/3000-2092_4-10964595.html , install and run it on an accessible computer.
Step 2, Insert a CD/DVD/USB disk into your unlocked pc to burn the iSO image file into a password reset disk with the media you chose.
Step 3, After the password reset disk created, connect it with the pc need administrator password deleted. Do BIOS setting to start pc from disk we choose.
Step 4, Restart Asus laptop that needs administrator password removal, then do delete password with clicks.

That’s all 4 easy steps to remove lost or forgotten administrator password and to login computer again! Well, for all Asus fans, is Asus N550JV attractive to you? Look at some reviews on the Asus N550JV Windows 8 laptop.

remove Asus Windows 8 administrator password
remove Asus Windows 8 password

The Asus N550JV is an attractive multimedia laptop with impressive audio and video capabilities that could make it suited to presentations at work, or entertainment at home.

Asus' N-Series laptops are far from the most portable devices you'll find, but their audio and video capabilities could make them a choice for multimedia and entertainment. The new 15-inch N550JV isn't radically different from previous models in the range, but it's been updated with an Intel Haswell processor and a touchscreen for Windows 8.

The image quality is excellent – bright and sharp, and with viewing angles that actually approach the claimed 178 degrees. It does not, however, live up to its ‘non-glare' description, with irritating reflections quite noticeable on the glossy screen.

The other standout feature of the N-Series laptops has always been their impressive audio quality. That's still a strength, and the N550JV includes four speakers and separate bass driver. The woofer is external, about the size of a small tin of beans, and plugs into a dedicated audio connector on the left-hand side of the laptop (which also provides it power).

A small speaker like this won't worry the neighbors too much, but it does add some welcome weight to the sound that you get from the N550JV, helping explosive film soundtracks and gaming sessions.

For such an attractive laptop, do you want to take an experience? Will you worry about forgot Asus N550JV Windows 8 login password? No! I think it is your answer! As there is well performance program – Windows Password Recovery Tool to help us recover any lost Windows login password included Windows 8/8.1, etc.

Watch detailed video on how to reset Asus Windows 8/7 password with Windows Password Recovery!

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